NVIDIA & Virginia Tech GPU Computing Workshop

15 August, 2013


Virginia Tech and NVIDIA are collaborating to host a two-day, hands-on workshop to survey the broad range of GPU accelerated applications across all domains of scientific research and engineering. The workshop will take place on Aug 14 and 15, and the location will be 2150 Torgersen Hall. This workshop will address topics such as why heterogeneous computing with GPUs is important to sustaining and advancing the state of the art in scientific and research computing. NVIDIA GPUs are the world's fastest and most efficient accelerators delivering world record scientific application performance. NVIDIA's CUDA Technology is the most pervasive parallel computing model, used by over 250 scientific applications and over 150,000 developers worldwide.

Participants will learn how to program GPUs via the use of libraries, OpenACC compiler directives, and CUDA programming. The workshop will incorporate hands-on exercises on Virginia Tech's HokieSpeed to ensure that participants will have ample opportunities to develop the skills required to use and develop GPU aware applications. Please bring your laptop to participate in hands-on exercises.

This workshop is recommended for graduate students, postdocs, researchers, and professors. Space is limited, reservations will be granted on a first come, first serve basis. Lunch will be provided. Interested parties can register here.


Wednesday, August 14

Thursday, August 15

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